Welcome to Bondo Guitars

Welcome to Bondo Guitars located in Svaneke, Bornholm. I my luthier workshop I built classical and electric guitars, as well as repair, and adjust acoustic and electric guitars, basses and other stringed instruments.

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In December 2022, I published the book GUITAREN at Hakon Holm Publishing.

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“Jakob Bondo Schultz has created a work that should be part of the canon for every guitar enthusiast”
– Benjamin Nyrup Figueiredo, KULTURINFORMATION
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ in Kulturinformation.org

  • 1_Jet_Crawford

    “My great-grandfather Jørgen Jensen was a Dane and worked from 1895-1915 on the Gedser Reef Lightship placed between Denmark and Germany. When I discovered on the web that Bondoguitars build vintage ship guitars out of wood from this ship, I immediately contacted Jakob and we soon agreed that he should built a Gedser Reef Lightship guitar, with Lindy Fralin pickups and other tailored specifications.

    Having received the guitar one year later I am thrilled with the result. Jakob did a brilliant job. This guitar is perfect and unique and much more than I had expected, and I am going to use it on my next album.”

    Jet Crawford

  • 2_Pierre_Dorge

    “A few years ago, I ordered an electric solid body guitar at Jakob. And since it was possible to get some old magic ship wood with special characteristics from the famous ship Frigate Jutland – a piece of wood from one of the original cannon caps – we chose it as the basic material.

    It turned out to be a good choice because the tree had a good structure and firmness which gave the guitar a very good sustain with a deep and intense sound.

    The body shape is rectangular, inspired by the blues guitarist Bo Diddley’s cigar box guitar and my own first 4-stringed guitar, built by my father when I was 12 years old – in the same shape.

    The fretboard was fitted with 24 frets, to create two octaves on each string, opposite to the normal 21 or 22 frets. There is a special expression and roughness about this excellent instrument, which fits my playing style very well.

    It is something special to play on a piece of wood with such history, having participated in the naval battle at Helgoland in 1864.

    I’m very happy to play on my unique frigate guitar. Thanks to luthier Jakob Bondo Schultz.”

    Pierre Dørge
    New Jungle Orchestra

  • 3_hans_dal

    “I found at a flea market an old battered parlour guitar. To my big surprise it turned out that the guitar was built by the famous Danish luthier Søren Nielsen Gade in 1837.

    Up till then only 4 guitars from his workshop are known, so this is the fifth known!

    The guitar really needed a total restoration and makeover and I put it in the hands of Jacob, who delivered back a beautifully and gently restored and fully playable Gade guitar.

    Before, during and after the restoration of the Søren Nielsen Gade guitar, Jakob photographed all the details of the repair process of this beautiful instrument. It therefore constitutes a seldom historical documentation.

    Subsequently, I have confidently had both my Ramirez and Schlünsen guitars repaired by Jakob.”

    Hans Dal
    Composer and guitarist