The Frigate Jutland Guitars

The wood has been donated by the Frigate Jutland workshop in November 2013.

The Frigate Jutland was the last of three frigates of the so-called Niels Juel class. As the only one of the three, Jutland was born with steam engine and was launched November 20, 1860.

It was the Navy’s fastest ship and was its enemies superior since it could manoeuvre without regard to wind conditions.

On May 9, 1864 the Frigate Jutland wrote itself into history as part of the Danish squadron that fought – and won – the Battle of Helgoland.

Frigate Jutland was a high-tech powerful warship wonder, but just a few decades later it was outmanoeuvred by the modern dreadnoughts in steel that started a whole new type of warfare on the high seas.

During its last active days, the Frigate Jutland served as royal yacht for King Christian IX.

The World Ship Trust medal is the world’s most prestigious honors for historic ships. The medal is only awarded to heads of state for countries that have preserved ships belonging to the world’s marine heritage. In 1985, Queen Margrethe 2, on behalf of the Frigate Jutland, received the award medal no. 4.

In 2008 the Danish National Bank produced a 20 kroner coin with Queen Margrethe II on the front and the Frigate Jutland on the back. Each guitar has embedded a copy of this coin.